Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What is the Playdate Company?

Your destination for interactive, educational, imaginative play. Meet with friends, host playdates, have a coffee, browse the web, while your child engages in play in our custom playhouses.

+ What do I need to know before I bring my child in?

Please check our normal hours of operation, and take a look at our rules page.

+ Do you have any paperwork that I need to fill out?

We do have a waiver that we need you to complete before we can admit your child. You can fill out the waiver here: Waiver.

+ Are there any rules about food or snacks?

We do permit dry snacks and covered drinks, but limited to designated area. Refer to our rules page, Rule # 3

+ Can I reserve The Playdate Co. for my own child's party or event?

Absolutely! Please check out the packages on our Party page, and you can reserve a day and time for your child's party or event at our Reservations page.

Have other questions? Please contact us to inquire.